Publicerad: 2022-09-16 10:20 | Uppdaterad: 2022-09-21 12:13

Ny docent i näringslära vid CLINTEC

Carla Avesani
Docent Carla Avesani, enheten för medicinska njursjukdomar

Vi gratulerar Carla Avesani vid enheten för medicinska njursjukdomar som sedan den 25 augusti 2022 nu är docent i näringslära

Vad betyder det för dig att bli docent?

It means to have the opportunity to continue learning with the motivation of questions and curiosity asked by students. Teaching is one of my passions and the main inspiration is certainly the students. Being a docent also allows me to learn with investigation and research and contribute to the training of health care professionals and future researchers. Being a docent is an umbrella of actions where the student - which can be a undergraduation or a graduation student, a health care professional, a patient or us teachers – is the center of attention.

Varför har du valt att forska om näringslära inom området kronisk njursjukdom? 

My main interest is to use nutrition as way to ameliorate the clinical condition of a group of individuals that present many metabolic disturbances caused by the disease itself.

Vad ska du arbeta med närmast framöver? 

With a research line called Food as Medicine in chronic kidney disease. Together with Peter Stenvinkel, Bengt Lindholm and their group, we have two ongoing interventional studies, and another one planned to start in spring 2023 where the ambition is that food and nutrients can be used to ameliorate the overall clinical condition of patients with CKD. I am also involved in two ERASMUS+ projects where education related to food and planetary health to patients with CKD and medicine students are aimed.