Föreläsningar och seminarier Forskningsseminarium - Attention, Arousal, and Anxiety in the Classroom

2022-06-03 13:00 - 14:00 Add to iCal
Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset, Solna Gävlegatan 22, hiss B, våning 8, sal Leo alt online via Zoom, se länk nedan

We are happy to welcome you to two seminars with Professor Deborah Riby from Durham University. One will be given at the Karolinska University Hospital on June 2nd (4 PM) with a more clinical focus, and one will be given at KIND on June 3rd (1 PM) with more focus on research. You are welcome to attend one or both seminars, in person or online.

A typical school classroom is a busy place. It is an environment that has so much going on at any one time – lots of children, plenty of noise, interesting things on the walls, the smell of lunch from the school canteen, and of course the teacher guiding pupils through learning activities.

Some children find this environment more challenging than others, especially children with attention difficulties, arousal differences (sensory processing), or heightened anxiety. We know from an abundance of research evidence that children with autism can be more prone to experiencing heightened challenges and differences in all three of these areas of daily functioning (experiencing the Triple A).

In this talk, I will present the underpinning evidence from a variety of empirical studies we have conducted into anxiety, arousal (sensory differences), and attention in Autism in the Centre for Neurodiversity & Development. I will then move to discuss how this underpinning research has been developed into the new Triple A free online training tool for those supporting autistic and neurodivergent pupils in the classroom. The training tool launched in March 2022 and is the first stage of transitioning this research programme into applied work that can make a positive difference for autistic young people at school.

Visit the free online training tool here: https://tripleadurham.co.uk/ 

Speaker Deborah Riby

Deborah Riby is a Professor of Developmental Psychology and Director of the Centre for Neurodiversity & Development at Durham University, UK. Her research largely focuses on the neurodevelopmental conditions of Williams Syndrome (WS) and Autism and her interests span cognition, behaviour, and mental health; specifically social cognition, social behaviour and anxiety. She is interested in the ‘whole’ individual and especially the interplay between these different elements of functioning and their underlying mechanisms. Her work takes a multi-methods approach involving a range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies suited to each research question. Research projects have both delved deeply into one neurodevelopmental condition and taking cross-syndrome approaches to understand syndrome-specific signatures versus broader elements of neurodiversity. Debbie is especially keen to ensure her research has real world relevance and to translating research into practice. Debbie is also national Chair of the Developmental Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society and a member of the Professional Advisory Panel of the Williams Syndrome Foundation UK charity. As well as conducting her research on neurodevelopmental conditions, Debbie is the Director of the ESRC-funded North East and Northern Ireland Doctoral Training Partnership training social science doctoral researchers across 7 UK institutions.


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