Publicerad: 2021-11-16 12:02 | Uppdaterad: 2021-11-16 14:48

Yajun Liang får 2 400 000 kronor i forskningsanslag från Vetenskapsrådet

KI:s forskare tilldelas hela 491 100 000 kronor i forskningsanslag från Vetenskapsrådet (VR-anslag). Yajun Liang tilldelas 2 400 000 SEK för hennes livskursstudie om hjärt-kärlsjukdomar.

Yajun Liang
Yajun Liang, Institutionen för global folkhälsa. Foto; privat.

Kan du berätta mer om forskningsanslaget?

– The VR grant is about a life-course study on cardiovascular diseases. Based on the population-based cohort study - Stockholm Public Health Cohort, the project aims to fill the knowledge gap in the aetiology of cardiovascular diseases from a life-course perspective. Specifically, the project aims to determine the risk and progression of cardiovascular diseases in association with the interaction between impaired fetal growth and health behaviours, säger Yajun Liang.

Vad betyder anslaget för dig och din forskning?

– This grant is a timely support for me in my career development. I have been working on the topic of life-course cardiovascular epidemiology for about 10 year. This grant gives me more confidence in this research line.

Vad är nästa steg i forskningen?

– After the completion of this project, we will have more evidence on how health behaviours buffer the cardiovascular risk from a life-course perspective. The next step will be a continuation of this research line. For example, a randomized control trial can be planned in the high-risk groups.