Publicerad: 2022-01-26 17:12 | Uppdaterad: 2022-01-26 17:44

Siva Sangabathuni, ny postdoktor vid AIMES

Vi skulle vilja introducera er till Siva , ny postdoktor vid AIMES sedan 17:e november 2021. Vi har pratat med Siva om hans bakgrund och om vad som gjorde att han fick upp intresset för AIMES.

Personalporträtt Biomedicum
Siva Sangabathuni, postdoktor vid AIMES. Foto: Johannes Frandsén.

Vad gjorde du innan du började på AIMES?

"I was a Fulbright Postdoctoral fellow in Professor Khademhosseini lab in Terasaki Institute of Biomedical Innovation at University of California, Los Angeles.

During this time, I engaged with tissue engineering projects related to the development of oxygen releasing photocrosslinkable bioinks for tissue regeneration under hypoxic conditions. Also, designed a new class of oxygen releasing microparticles to improve heart preservation for transplantation. Additionally, received knowledge in microfluidic device fabrication", säger Siva Sangabathuni.

Vad fick dig att vilja vara del av AIMES? Och vad ser du mest fram emot?

"After going through the projects at AIMES, working from the field of organic chemistry to tissue microbiology and organ on a chip to wearable bioelectronics, I assume that AIMES conducts interdisciplinary research, through which the team translates basic science into application science where society can get benefited. AIMES also offers a good research environment, particularly to young researchers like me.

Moreover, researchers at AIMES work in cutting edge research where I can share my ideas and have opportunity to collaborate with other researchers to solve most pressed healthcare problems in the society.

I believe that AIMES could be a platform to explore my research expertise as well as to learn new knowledge to develop my research carrier".

Vad handlar din forskning om?

"My research at AIMES is interdisciplinary and it is focused on 3D bioprinting of biomaterials for understating of biofilm formation".