Publicerad: 2016-04-04 15:01 | Uppdaterad: 2016-04-04 15:34

Öppen nationell PCM-konferens den 6 april

Välkommen till PCM National Conference onsdagen den 6 april. Syftet med konferensen blir att utröna möjligheterna kring koordinering och samarbete för att etablera individualiserad cancerbehandling (PCM). Evenemanget sponsras av Stiftelsen för strategisk forskning och KI-PCM-programmet, som bekostas av Radiumhemmet.

Arrangörerna om konferensen (på engelska):

We are going to face a major challenge during the coming decade in translational cancer research, treatment and care.

Most infrastructures serving this purpose will be very demanding competence- and cost-wise. National coordination, when possible, should be beneficial and cost-effective.

Larger cancer centers in Sweden developing and testing possible novel diagnostics or therapeutics may form hubs of collaboration within the country. This will enhance the synergistic potential for clinical validation. A well organized and supported infrastructure with this aim should eliminate the current gap (“valley of death”) in taking inventions to clinical testing – inventions either emerging from preclinical research or collaborations with the biotech industry.

Diagnostics and early testing of novel therapies requires early clinical trials. Such will be speeded up by efficient real time data sharing.

Handling of data from the omics sciences needs to be integrated with imaging and other clinical information by an IT-structure enabling research and validation of novel findings in respective field.

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