Publicerad: 2021-09-21 18:55 | Uppdaterad: 2021-09-21 18:56

Meet Paul Welford, Research Assistant at GPH

Paul Welford started as Research Assistant 1 June, 2021 in Epidemiology of Psychiatric Conditions, Substance use and Social Environment (EPiCSS). We have asked Paul some questions.

Paul Welford
Paul Welford. Photo: Private.

What did you do before joining us at KI?

"I recently finished the Master in Global Health at KI. Before that, I worked as a junior doctor in Bristol, UK. My post was split between clinical work and surgical research at Bristol University. Unfortunately Bristol has a sizeable homeless population and substance use disorders are quite common. This was where I became more interested in studying the social aspects of mental and physical health. Before completing medical school, I worked in sports and exercise medicine as a physiotherapist", says Paul Welford.


Why did you join KI and what are you looking forward to the most?

For me, the most exciting aspect of being at KI is the research infrastructure and scope for international collaboration. There are so many experienced researchers to learn from and projects with real societal impact, I love it! In the future I hope to combine research with public health practice/social medicine, perhaps in the field of mental health/substance use. 


Tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I love being outdoors and in my free time I like to go climbing. I think it is a great way to improve your well-being: It exercises and trains the whole body and allows you to see nature from a different perspective. It’s also a great feeling to solve problems together, building friendships and sometimes managing to escape from sticky situations together. There is nothing better than sleeping with the birds and the bats, on the side of a cliff, hundreds of meters up in the air.


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