Föreläsningar och seminarier Seminarium: Professor Teresa Frisan

2021-05-20 9:15 - 10:00 Add to iCal
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Clinical Microbiology Seminar: Bacterial genotoxins: from killers of the cellular DNA to subtile mediators of the host immune response.

Foto av Teresa Frisan, Umeå universitet
Teresa Frisan, Umeå University Photo: Private

Talare: Professor Teresa Frisan

Institutionen för molekylärbiologi, Umeå universitet, Sverige

Toxins are powerful bacterial effectors. They can target all the key functions within eukaryotic cells, but until recently the cellular DNA was spared from the bacterial attack. This view has changed with the discovery of bacterial genotoxins: effectors that cause DNA damage. Teresa’s research group has contributed to characterize the effects of these toxins on mammalian cells.

Värd: Ujjwal Neogi, avdelningen för klinisk mikrobiologi.

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