Föreläsningar och seminarier Predisputationsseminarium: Joakim Körner Gustafsson

2020-01-09 16:00 Add to iCal
Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset, Huddinge Bjuggrenrummet F53, Blickagången 9 A

"Voice disorders and treatment effects in Parkinson’s disease studied with a portable voice accumulator"

Voice use is traditionally studied in controlled environments to ensure reliability and replicability, but the ecological validity can be discussed.

Many factors can affect the speaker in daily life such as noise, stress, physical movement and cognitive load. This can be expected to be particularly taxing for individuals with PD considering the many motor and non-motor symptoms related to the disease. The overarching aim of this thesis project was to increase the knowledge regarding how Parkinson’s disease (PD) affects speech and communication in patients’ daily life using a portable voice accumulator. This also included studying treatment outcomes in daily life in contrast to outcomes based on recordings from controlled environments such as a clinic or a studio. The biofeedback function available in the portable voice accumulator VoxLog was also evaluated as a possible alternate or complimentary treatment option for individuals with PD and related hypophonia.

More specifically, this included: 

  • Comparisons of voice use between patients with PD and matched healthy controls both in daily life and controlled studio environments. (Study I)
  • Evaluation of treatment outcome in daily life of the leading speech and voice treatment (LSVT LOUD). (Study II)
  • Methodological development of the biofeedback function available in the portable voice accumulator VoxLog based on principles of motor learning. (Study IV)
  • Evaluation of continuous biofeedback regarding voice sound level in habitual speech in daily life as a treatment alternative. (Study III & V)

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