Föreläsningar och seminarier MTC, CMM, CID seminarium: "Cell wall biosynthesis as a target for (novel) antibiotics"

2019-10-03 14:00 - 15:00 Add to iCal
Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset, Solna CMM, L8:00, Solna

Välkommen till ett seminarium med Tanja Schneider, Institute for Pharmaceutical Microbiology, University of Bonn, Germany.


"Cell Wall Biosynthesis as a Target for (Novel) Antibiotics"


Tanja Schneider, Institute for Pharmaceutical Microbiology, University of Bonn, Germany

Tanja Schneider is a leading scientist in the field of antibiotic development and characterization. She was part of the study that identified the ’new’ antibiotic teixobactin and her lab is focused on identification and characterization of novel cell wall targeting compounds.

A new antibiotic kills pathogens without detectable resistance.
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Peter Mellroth