Föreläsningar och seminarier LIME talks "Stockholm healthcare response to COVID 19: pandemic update and rapid impact research into the organisation and management of pandemic response"

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LIME talks

Välkomna till LIME talks med Dr John Øvretveit som berättar mer om hur Stockholms sjukvård hanterar Covid-19.

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Professor John Øvretveit. Photo: Stefan Zimmerman
Professor John Øvretveit. Photo: Stefan Zimmerman

LIME talks hålls på engelska:

This LIME talks is presented by John Øvretveit, P.I., on behalf of the Joint MMC-Region Stockholm healthcare (SLSO) research team.

Dr John Øvretveit is a Professor of improvement, implementation and evaluation at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. And R&D Officer Stockholm healthcare system.

In March 2020 Region Stockholm healthcare implemented crisis response management for the first time. This seminar presents the history of the response over 2020/21, documented and evaluated in a partnership research study by a joint MMC and SLSO team.

The presentation will cover the following subjects which we will discuss in the second half of the seminar:

1.    Introduction and general updates on the pandemic and vaccinations

2.    The practical and research challenges

3.    The objectives of the research

4.    The methods and partnership approach


"For me as a researcher, lessons from this study are

  • the importance of trust and good working relations with our clinical and management colleagues
  • that rapid impact research using the right methods can contribute both to scientific knowledge and immediate practical benefits
  • the limitations of our research methods and scientific knowledge about emergency response by health service delivery organisations the opportunites for research."

~ Dr John Øvretveit


John Ovretveit Professor, Senior