Föreläsningar och seminarier KI Lifestyle4Health network seminar #4: Exercise-induced molecular mechanisms in untrained and life-long highly trained individuals

2020-10-27 17:00 - 18:00 Add to iCal
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Speaker: Stefan Reitzner


The human body is made for movement, and for the development and maintenance of health and functionality it is important to be and to stay physically active in one form or another. In that context, consistency plays a role, because molecular processes that take place at every moment of our life constantly contribute to laying a foundation on which structure and functionality of our bodies depend. This results in large differences between trained and untrained individuals – for example: out of about 20 000 genes, in skeletal muscle approximately 1000 are differently used in some athletes, even when not performing acute exercise, while other athletes exhibit a pattern more similar to untrained people. These differences can have large influence on day-to-day function of the body, for example in energy usage and the immune system. Increased understanding of these molecular mechanisms in exercise can be the foundation of the development of future strategies to enable more people to benefit from the positive influences of physical activity.

About the Speaker:

Stefan Reitzner has recently defended his PhD thesis about molecular mechanisms of life-long high-level training and is currently a post-doc at the Department for Physiology and Pharmacology. In his work he focusses on large-scale level data to investigate multi-omic effects of exercise on skeletal muscle and the immune system.

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