Föreläsningar och seminarier Jennifer Doudna career discussion with students and postdocs

2019-08-22 9:30 - 10:30 Add to iCal
Campus Solna SciLifeLab, Air & Fire auditorium

Jennifer Doudna (University of California Berkeley) will give an account of her career path and discuss with students and postdocs. Since the number of places is limited, please register to participate.

About Jennifer Doudna

Research in Doudna’s laboratory is aimed at elucidating the mechanisms underlying CRISPR–Cas immunity and translational control. Her lab determined the crystal structure of the viral RNA – the hepatitis delta virus (HDV), a human pathogen linked to hepatitis B. More recently, she has been focusing on re-engineering CRISPR-Cas9 to provide a tool for editing genes. This work has been serving the academic community for multiple research applications, including in human cells. While Jennifer has been receiving prestigious awards, she frequently comments that much of it was down to having good mentors early on in her career and having had the freedom to build up her team with people whom she shares a personal chemistry with and the same scientific vision and drive. A key essence for her is to have laboratory with a supportive environment where people work together as a team and older members are prepared to mentor those who are younger.

Kontaktperson: Alexey Amunts

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