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2020-05-26 till
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Idag startar *"30 day movement challenge" med syfte att bryta stillasittandet under arbetsdagen. Var tredje dag i 30 dagar kommer vi att posta en ny rörelse. Häng med!


Visa det här inlägget på Instagram Our 30 day movement challenge starts today! Why not have some fun while taking a movement snack? Every third day for 30 days we will post a new and fun challenge. All of them have different levels so there will be something for everyone. THE SETUP 1. Set a timer for 2 min 2. Find good place with things to touch within reach 3. Start with appropriate level - only hands, one leg and foot or hand, on leg foot and hand. 4. Continue to challenge yourself see how far you can reach. 5. When the timer rings resume work ???? 6. Share the post with colleagues ???? Have fun, stay safe and keep moving! #ki30daymvmtchallenge #kihealthpromotion @kistudents @idrottsutskottet_mf @mfsthlm @ofsthlm @dsa.karolinska @kibiblioteket @bma_ki @fysiosektionen_ki @karolinskainstitutet Ett inlägg delat av Friskvården KI (@kihealthpromotion) 25 Maj 2020 kl. 10:40 PDT