Föreläsningar och seminarier Forskningsseminarium vid avdelningen för Ögon & Syn - Josefine Waldthaler

2023-02-14 12:00 Add to iCal
S:t Eriks Ögonsjukhus Eye Center of Excellence, Aulan plan -1, St Erik Eye Hospital

Avdelningen för Ögon och Syn välkomnar dig till ett forskningsseminarium med forskargrupp Tony Pansell som värd. Talare för seminariet är Josefine Waldthaler.

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Title: Alterations of eye movements as correlates for motor and cognitive symptoms
in Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s disease (PD) involves much more than just progressive motor decline. In recent years, a spectrum of
various non-motor symptoms has come to attention, such as cognitive, emotional, autonomic, and oculomotor
Our research aims at understanding how alterations of eye movements relate to different symptoms of
PD as well as their complex interactions, with the long-term goal of aiding diagnostic considerations and
Therapeutic decision making.

In this talk, I would like to present our results from several studies investigating the effect of PD and its Therapies (dopamine replacement therapy and deep brain stimulation) on arrange of different oculomotor tasks, including simple reflexive and voluntary saccades but also text reading. Furthermore, the potential of combining eye tracking with other non invasive neuroimaging methods (magneto- and electroencephalography) to explore underlying changes in brain activity will be discussed based on promising results from our pilot studies.

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14 februari kl 12.00, Eye Center of Excellence, Aulan plan -1, S:t Eriks Ögonsjukhus. Lunchsmörgås serveras från kl 11.50.


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