Föreläsningar och seminarier Cognitive Neuroscience Club med Dr. Ella Striem-Amit: "Sensorimotor -independent brain representations in association cortices"

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Den sista veckan i varje månad bjuder Cognitive Neuroscience Club in till en föreläsning på temat kognitiv neurovetenskap. Den 31 mars kl. 16:00 välkomnar vi Dr. Ella Striem-Amit, från Georgetown University, USA.

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"Sensorimotor -independent brain representations in association cortices"


Dr. Ella Striem- Amit, Assistant Professor vid Georgetown University, USA


How flexible are association cortices? I will present a series of fMRI experiments addressing this question by investigating individuals born without hands, who use their feet as effectors to perform everyday actions. These results suggest that computations in association cortices are abstracted from visuomotor features and experience, similarly to the visual-independence of the association networks in people born blind, highlighting these regions’ ability to compensate for experience in any specific modality. These findings also open new avenues to utilize effector-independence in the action system for motor rehabilitation.


Laura Crucianelli Anknuten till Forskning