Föreläsningar och seminarier Climate Health Talks: Skogsbränder och hälsa - att bedöma effekt och beredskap

2024-09-12 12:00 - 13:00 Add to iCal
Vit rök stiger från skogen på sluttningen av ett berg
Skogsbrand i Calwood Foto: Malachi Brooks

OBS! Webinariet är på engelska.
Because of climate change, many of the factors that influence the risk of wild fires are changing. Both the scale and number of forest fires are expected to increase. In this webinar we will hear from leading experts in the field, talking about the health impacts of wildfires, as well as preparedness and adaptation strategies for wildfires in the Swedish context.


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Wildfires and Health - Assessing the Impact and Preparedness

Wildfires are expected to become both larger and more common. Climate change is having an impact on many of the factors involved in the creation, extent and frequency of wildfires. In this webinar we will hear from Swedish and international experts on preparedness and adaptation, as well as on the health impacts of wildfires. After the presentations we invite everyone to contribute to the discussion session of the webinar. 

Climate and Health Talks

Climate and Health Talks is a webinar series organised by the Centre for Health Crises and researchers at the Institute of Environmental Medicine at KI that explore the health impacts of extreme weather events driven by climate change, featuring experts from relevant sectors and emphasising preparedness and adaptation strategies. The webinars aim to foster dialogue between stakeholders and academia to raise awareness and enhance the dissemination and development of knowledge on extreme weather events.

Each webinar will be held during lunchtime (12 pm CET), lasting approximately one hour. They will feature presentations by experts on the topic and a discussion session.


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