Föreläsningar och seminarier CfA seminarium: Personalised biomarker-driven management of asthma in pregnancy and its influence on childhood respiratory health

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Campus Solna Biomedicum Lecture Hall 3 (A0325), Entrance Level, Solnavägen 9

Välkommen till ett CfA seminarium med Vanessa Murphy från University of Newcastle och Hunter Medical Research Institute, Newcastle, Australien. Kaffe och te serveras kl. 15:30. Värdar: Bronwyn Haasdyk Brew och Catarina Almqvist Malmrös.

Dr. Vanessa Murphy

About the speaker

Dr Vanessa Murphy is a Research Fellow from the University of Newcastle and the Hunter Medical Research Institute, Australia. She is a research scientist investigating asthma exacerbations during pregnancy, and their health impact on both the mother and baby.

She is currently conducting a multi-centre randomised controlled trial, known as the Breathing for Life Trial, investigating inflammation-based management of asthma during pregnancy, to determine its effectiveness in improving perinatal outcomes, as well as its longer-term potential as a primary prevention strategy for childhood asthma.

The trial brings together a multi-disciplinary team from Respiratory Medicine, Obstetrics, Neonatology, Midwifery, Paediatrics, Dietetics, Psychology and Health Economics.

Her research goal is to generate the evidence required to change clinical practice in the area of asthma management in pregnancy.

Relevant publications

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5. Murphy VE, Jensen ME, Robijn AL, Wright TK, Mattes J, Collison A, Gibson PG. How maternal BMI modifies the impact of personalised asthma management in pregnancy. Accepted by JACI In Practice 21/6/2019.

Coffee and tea served 15:30!



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