Publicerad: 2022-09-14 16:54 | Uppdaterad: 2022-09-15 13:25

Congratulations to 164 new PhDs at Karolinska Institutet

Doktorer står i rad och professor Bob Harris sätter på en av dem sin doktorshatt.
Academic Vice-President of Doctoral Education Bob Harris gives the new doctors their hats. Photo: Danish Saroee

On 10 September, the second promotional ceremony of the year was held in Stockholm City Hall. 164 new doctors received their hats and diplomas as they were celebrated for achieving the highest academic degree, many of them after a long wait due to the pandemic. The number of doctors conferred at this weekend’s ceremony was therefore at a record high.

Rektor Ole Petter Ottersen iklädd doktorshatt står vid talarpodiet och blickar ut mot publiken.
President Ole Petter Ottersen during his speech to the new PhDs. Photo: Danish Saroee

It was in front of a packed-to-the-brim Blue Hall that the new doctors of medicine marched along the balustrade and down the marble stairs with Karolinska Institutet's president, vice-president and academic vice-presidents. In his ceremonial speech, president Ole Petter Ottersen mentioned, among other things, that Karolinska Institutet has had an important and prominent role in recent years, due to the pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

“When we applaud the efforts of the current generation of scientists, we should also applaud the contributions of those on whose shoulders we stand. The progress that we have witnessed over the past couple of years depends on decades of research in universities, here at home and abroad,” Ole Petter Ottersen said in his speech.

The Academic Vice-President of Doctoral Education, Robert Harris, also gave a speech addressed to the new doctors. He drew a parallel to the Japanese phrase Enzan no metsuke.

Robert Harris iklädd doktorshatt står vid talarpodiet och blickar ut mot publiken.
Robert Harris during his speech in front of the guests and new doctors. Photo: Danish Saroee

“It's a japanese phrase that roughly translates to looking at a far mountain. In looking at a distant mountain, on the horizon, it is important not only to focus on seeing the mountain itself, but at the same time to see all the trees, streams, flowers and animals that might be somewhere between you and that mountaintop – to focus on the whole view and not just the destination. The same principle can also be applied looking backwards in time. ,” Bob Harris said.

At the conferment ceremony, the doctors received their graduation hat and degree diploma as symbols of doctoral dignity.

The musical performances during the evening were performed by Skallsjö Sommarorkester together with singers Katarina Henryson and Wilma Ogenblad and musicians Mattias Wennberg on the organ, Martin Thorell and Filip Draglund on trumpet, Svante Henryson on cello and Joel Henryson on bass.

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Doctor's hats and name tags on chairs standing in a row.
De nya doktorerna får namngivna platser och sitter längst fram till vänster i Blå Hallen.
Overview picture of the Blue Hall, Stockholm City Hall, during the conferment ceremony. The doctors are walking down the stairs in front of the audience.
Promotionshögtiden hålls traditionsenligt i Blå Hallen, Stockholms stadshus.
Photos from the conferment ceremony on September 10 2022.
Musikframträdandena framfördes bland annat av Skallsjö Sommarorkester.
PhD's with their doctoral hats on sits in a row with their backs against the camera.
Antalet doktorer som promoverades i helgens ceremoni var rekordhögt.
Three women facing away from the camera lift their doctoral hats.
Vid promotionsakten fick doktorerna motta insignierna hatt och diplom som symboliska tecken på doktorsvärdigheten.
Overwiev photo of the Golden Hall during the banquet. The guests are sitting at their tables waiting for dinner.
Promotionshögtiden avslutades traditionsenligt med bankett och dans i gyllene salen i Stockholms Stadshus.
Two people in festive costumes are waiting to fire a salute.
I samband med promotionsceremonin skjuts det salut från Stadshuskajen utanför Stockholms stadshus.
Students and PhD's with their doctoral hats and diploma stand in the stairs in the Blue Hall.
Sex av de totalt 164 nya doktorerna som mottag sin doktorshatt och sitt diplom under lördagskvällen.
Two women, one of whom wears a doctor's hat, stand in a crowd and talk.
Mellan ceremonin och banketten bjöds det på mingel och drink i Blå Hallen.
Overview of the Blue Hall, Stockholm City Hall. Some people have taken their seats while others are standing on the balustrade.
I början av ceremonin går de nya doktorerna längsmed balustraden och nedför marmortrapporna i Blå Hallen.
Student marshal holds KI's scepter.
Studentmarsalkarna innehar viktiga uppgifter under promotionsceremonin.
Student marshals stand along the marble stairs in the blue hall and have placed the flags.
En av studentmarsalkarnas uppgifter under kvällen är att gå med i fanborgen och bära studentkårernas och KI:s fanor.