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Aktuella utlysningar, vecka 35, 2021

Grants Office tipsar om aktuella utlysningar

Svenska och nordiska anslag


Research grant – Stiftelsen Samariten

Stiftelsen Samariten annually distributes grants for research projects in medical pediatric care in the form of research grants and research scholarships of a maximum of 3 months.

Closing date: 13 September 2021

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Research grants within diabetes – Svenska Diabetesförbundet

These support basic research and clinical patient-centered research with clear diabetes relevance. Grants are worth between SEK 100,000 and SEK 500,000 between two to three years.

Closing date: 15 September 2021

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Grants for research within the humanities and social sciences – Åke Wiberg Foundation

These support research projects in the humanities and social sciences. Grants are worth up to SEK 100,000 for up to three years.

Closing date: 15 September 2021

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Project funding and Postdoctoral research grant – Swedish Research Council for Sport Science

These supports research in the area of sports science. Sports science may include all areas of research and all applications must be clearly relevant to sport.

Closing date: 15 September 2021

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Postdoc grant – Afa Försäkring

The purpose of the postdoc support is to give people who are at the beginning of their research careers increased opportunities for postdoctoral studies and research. The postdoc support will focus on effective methods for prevention and early intervention in mental illness. The research should reduce long-term sick leave and promote health. Differences between the sexes should be highlighted. The research that is funded must be applicable and can be utilized in the near future.

Closing date: 22 September 2021

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Research grant – Söderström König Foundation Swedish Society of Medicine

This supports research projects that promotes psychiatric knowledge development in general psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry and forensic psychiatry. Grants are worth up to SEK 500,000 for up to 18 months.

Closing date: 1 October 2021

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Forskningsanslag – Stiftelsen Drottning Silvias Jubileumsfond för forskning om barn och funktionshinder

I samband med H.M. Drottningens 50-årsdag bildades Stiftelsen Drottning Silvias Jubileumsfond för forskning om barn och funktionshinder. Fonden delar årligen ut anslag som kan sökas av forskarstuderande antagna till forskarutbildning vid universitet och högskolor i landet. Tema för året är: Utvärdering av interventioner för att lindra konsekvenser av funktionshinder hos barn

Closing date: 1 October 2021

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Forskningsanslag – Percy Falks Stiftelse

Fonden instiftades 2001 genom testamente av direktör Percy Falk, Stockholm. Stiftelsen skall genom anslag främja vetenskaplig forskning och undervisning eller studieverksamhet i Sverige rörande prostatacancer och bröstcancer. Anslag kommer att utdelas under februari 2022. Tillgängligt belopp för utdelning är 2 000 000 kronor.

Closing date: 1 November 2021

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Pris i Idrottsvetenskap 2021 - Sveriges Centralförening för Idrottens Främjande (SCIF)

SCIF har under många år bidragit med medel till svensk forskning samt med bidrag till internationellt utbyte i forskningsfrågor och till olika projekt. För att stimulera till fortsatt forskning av hög kvalitet inom idrottsvetenskap i Sverige, delar SCIF för år 2021 ut pris till forskning med högsta kvalitet och som bedöms vara av stort värde för utvecklingen av svensk idrott.

SCIFs stora pris på 100 000 kronor går till en erfaren fortfarande aktiv forskare som genom åren har producerat högkvalitativ forskning inom idrottsvetenskap. 

SCIFs lilla pris på 50 000 kronor till en yngre forskare som under de senaste åren har producerat högkvalitativ forskning inom idrottsvetenskap.

Nominering och ansökan för SCIFs Pris i Idrottsvetenskap 2021 ska sändas via e-mail till Gunilla Lydén [] med kopia till Per Nilsson;, senast 30 september, 2021.  

Information om SCIFs Pris i Idrottsvetenskap kan fås av professor Per Nilsson, ordförande i SCIFs forskningskommitté per telefon: 076-636 50 14 eller via e-mail:  

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Europeiska anslag


ERC-2022-SyG synergy grants -- Horizon Europe: Excellent Science, EU and other funders

These enable groups of 2-4 principal investigators and their teams to bring together complementary skills, knowledge, and resources in new ways to jointly address ambitious research problems. The aim is to promote scientific advances, to cross-fertilise scientific fields, and to encourage new productive lines of enquiry and new methods and techniques, including unconventional approaches and investigations at the interface between established disciplines. Proposals will be evaluated on the sole criterion of scientific excellence, including outstanding intrinsic synergetic effect.

Applicants may be researchers of any age or nationality. Each principal investigator must present an internationally competitive early achievement track-record or a 10-year track record. One of the principal investigators, as well as team members of any principal investigator, may be hosted and engaged by an institution outside the EU member states or associated countries.

Approximately 33 grants are available, each worth up to €10m over six years. An additional €4m can be requested under certain circumstance.

If you are interested in applying for an ERC Synergy Grant, please contact Tamsin Lindström at Grants Office.

Closing date: 10 November 2021

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Targeting shared mechanisms in immune mediated inflammatory diseases -- Versus Arthritis, GB and other funders

This supports innovative projects that address shared mechanisms of autoimmunity with the goal of developing new treatments for people affected by autoimmune conditions. Projects should involve translational research by multi-disciplinary teams. Areas of particular interest include:

•revisiting interferon response and autophagy to define disease drivers of these pathways for new interventions;

•leveraging single cell and epigenetic analyses to determine new therapeutic concepts;

•looking beyond professional immune cells to the tissues to break the efficacy ceiling;

•immune-neuronal bidirectional signalling in health and disease and new opportunities for intervention;

•harnessing new understanding of the interplay between the gut microbiome, gut immune system and enteric nervous system.

The lead applicant must be based at a UK institution but project partners may be based worldwide.

Funding is worth up to £100,000 for one year.

Closing date: 13 October 2021; this call is repeated once a year.

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Pilot project grants -- Alzheimer's Research UK, GB

These support novel research ideas that, if successful, would lead to a major project or programme application to ARUK or other funding body.

The lead applicant and point of contact must be based in a UK academic or research institution; however, the application may include researchers or institutions outside the UK.

Grants are worth up to £50,000 each for up to two years, and may be used to cover staff salaries, equipment, animal costs and running costs.

Closing date 8 October 2021; this call is repeated once a year.

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Research grants – Cure Parkinson’s Trust, GB

These support laboratory or clinical research projects that have the potential to advance knowledge that might lead to a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Applications must be for research that slows, stops or reverses underlying disease progression. Priority is given to research which has potential to translate into the clinic within five years.

Applications are invited worldwide. There is no set financial limit, but grants are usually worth between £50,000 to £250,000 each over a period of one to three years.

Closing date 1 October 2021

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Amerikanska anslag

Federal Funding agencies

Secondary Analysis of Existing Datasets in Heart, Lung, and Blood Diseases and Sleep Disorders (R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed), NIH

The goal of this funding opportunity is to stimulate the use of existing human datasets for well-focused secondary analyses to investigate novel scientific ideas or new models, systems, tools, methods, or technologies that have the potential for significant impact on biomedical or biobehavioral research in areas relevant to the NHLBI mission. This FOA actively supports the use of existing database resources to conduct additional analyses secondary to a project's originally-intended primary purpose. Applications may be related to, but must be distinct from, the specific aims of the original data collection. It will not support the collection of new data.

Deadline: 28 October 2021, 26 February 2022, 28 October 2022. All applications are due by 5:00 PM local time of applicant organization.

Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA): PAR-20-078

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Human Milk as a Biological System (R01 Clinical Trial Optional), NIH

This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) invites grant applications that address priority gaps in our understanding of human milk as a biological system and that expand our understanding of the myriad factors influencing the composition and function of human milk using a systems biology approach.

Proposed research may address, but is not limited to:

  • maternal factors influencing the systems biology of breastmilk;
  • the components of human milk, including both nutrients and non-nutritive bioactive components;
  • infant factors affecting the systems biology of human milk;
  • new modelling techniques that allow investigators to model human milk as a system and interrogate the system.

Deadline: 29 November 2021. All applications are due by 5:00 PM local time of applicant organization.

Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA): RFA-HD-22-020

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Innate Immune Memory Impacting HIV Acquisition and/or Control (R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed), NIH

The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement is to investigate innate immune cell effector functions and innate immune memory as a means to prevent HIV infection and/or establishment of disease. Exploratory research from basic molecular mechanisms, translational work, and clinical research examining innate memory are encouraged.

Deadline: 6 December 2021. Letter of Intent Due Date(s): 30 days prior to the application due date. All applications are due by 5:00 PM local time of applicant organization.

Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA): RFA-AI-21-041

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Imaging, Biomarkers and Digital Pathomics for the Early Detection of Premetastatic Aggressive Cancer (R01 Clinical Trial Optional), NIH

This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) will support the development of state-of-the-art projects that include imaging, biomarkers, digital pathomic and other -omic integration strategies for improving current approaches for the earliest detection of premetastatic aggressive cancer as well as identifying precancerous lesions that will subsequently demonstrate an aggressive phenotype. This FOA specifically attempts to address and improve diagnostic uncertainty in clinical decisions in a technology agnostic manner by improving sensitivity and specificity of applied tests. N-dimensional co-registered, cross-correlated imaging results integrated with multiplexed biomarker data and digital pathomics using analytic strategies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality visualization for improving discovery are encouraged.

Deadline: 10 December 2021, by 5:00 PM local time of applicant organization.

Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA): PAR-19-264

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Drug discovery initiative registered reports award programme, Children’s Tumor Foundation, US

The Children’s Tumor Foundation invites letters of intent for its drug discovery initiative registered reports award programme. This supports early-stage testing of candidate drug therapies for the treatment of neurofibromatosis. Funding is available in the following categories:

  • in vitro awards, worth up to USD 40,000 each, to fund cell-based preclinical drug testing studies;
  • in vivo awards, worth up to USD 85,000 each, to fund animal-based preclinical drug testing studies.

Applicants should an MD, PhD or equivalent and may be based anywhere in the world. It is expected that applicants already have established in their laboratory or have direct access to any additional resources needed to complete the proposed research.

Deadline: 18 October 2021 due by 5:00 pm EST. Letter of Intent: 20 September 2021.

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