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StratRegen Junior Research Grantees 2020

StratRegen supports seven Junior Researchers 2020

SFO grant awardees 2018

The SFO for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine is proud to announce six awardees in the 2018 application round, two in each category. All applications were reviewed by an international team of five prominent researchers within the field. The awardees will present a research summary at the website within 2 weeks. They will also present their research programmes at the upcoming Karolinska Institutet SFO StratRegen Conference 18-19 October 2018. Please find the list of awardees and the link to the conference registration website

Senior grant awardees

1. Ernest Arenas - A reprogramming strategy to treat Parkinson’s disease

2. Sten Eirik Jacobssen - Cellular, molecular and clinical surveillance of clonal hematopoiesis during aging

Junior grant awardees

1. Olov Andersson - In vivo drug discovery for induction of β-cell neogenesis

2. Andrei Chagin - A novel stem cell niche in the epiphyseal growth plate

Clinical grant awardees

1. Niklas Björkström - Regeneration and hematopoiesis of the human liver

2. Andreas Björklund - Development of allogeneic Natural Killer Cell-Based Cancer Immunotherapy Against Myeloid Malignancies

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