Föreläsningar och seminarier Why has bicycle commuting increased in and out of Stockholm City Centre?

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Flera cyklar parkerade i en stadsmiljö
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KI Lifestyle4Health seminar #16

Speakers: Philip Wehtje and Hugo Delryd

Seminar description

This session is based on the speakers’ bachelor thesis, and it attempts to identify factors that explain why bicycle commuting in and out of Stockholm City Centre has increased between the years 1980 and 2020. Philip and Hugo create and select three linear regression models, which they consider to be the best models based on several selection criteria that will be elaborated upon during the session.

Their results show that the included variables in each respective model are significant. The results, which are in line with previous findings in the literature, moreover, show the following: (a) the number of bicycle commuting trips is positively associated with bicycle infrastructure costs, which indicates that better bicycle infrastructure leads to more people bicycling to work; (b) the number of bicycle commuting trips is positively associated with population size; (c) the number of bicycle commuting trips is positively associated with the congestion tax, which indicates that a modal shift takes place where some motorists switch to bicycle commuting because of the congestion tax; (d) the number of bicycle commuting trips is negatively associated with GDP per capita. In summary, the results indicate that several factors have affected the number of commuting trips by bicycle in and out of Stockholm City Centre between 1980 and 2020.

About the speakers

Philip Wehtje

Statistician (Stockholm University) and Economist (Stockholm School of Economics) Experienced Research Assistant and Consultant with a demonstrated history of working with healthcare and transport analysis.

Hugo Delryd

Statistician (Stockholm University) and a master student in economics (Stockholm University).

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