Föreläsningar och seminarier SFOepi workshop: The prevention of multimorbidity: from primary to quaternary

2022-05-18 9:00 till
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Campus Solna Föreläsningssalen Karolina, Widerströmska huset och Zoom

Välkommen till en workshop med SfoEpi! Observera att föreläsningarna hålls på engelska.
Titel: The prevention of multimorbidity: from primary to quaternary


Anna Head, Martin O’Flaherty, Davide Vetrano, Amaia Calderón-Larrañaga, Caroline Wachtler, Katharina Schmidt Mende


Multimorbidity, commonly defined as the coexistence of two or more chronic conditions, is an increasingly critical priority for health systems and health research globally. Yet its prevention has received far less attention than deserved. The prevention of multimorbidity, just as for single diseases, covers measures not only to prevent its occurrence, such as risk factor reduction, but also to arrest its progress and reduce its consequences once established. While primary prevention refers to preventing the emergence of predisposing social and environmental conditions that can lead to causation of multimorbidity, secondary and tertiary prevention strategies will aim to improve function, minimise impact, and delay complications. Quaternary prevention, a recent addition to the lexicon of prevention that becomes essential in multimorbid patients, refers to avoiding over-diagnosis and over-treatment so as to protect them from futile medical interventions. In the present workshop, we will present and discuss research findings covering the different dimensions of multimorbidity prevention.

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